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Clean as a Whistle

If you've ever tried to brush your animal's teeth, you'll know it isn't the most pleasant task, especially if your companion hates the procedure. Imagine how much easier it would be if you could just pop something in his mouth that would clean his teeth simply and naturally.

Enter Leba III by LebaLab Inc. an easy-to-use herbal product that you spray in your animal's mouth every day over a period of several weeks. Leba III works by stimulating the enzymes in the saliva and gradually cleaning away the plaque buildup that can lead to periodontal disease.

The product not only does away with home brushing but also helps protect your pet from the trauma of undergoing anesthesia for a professional cleaning.







What customers are saying
about Leba III



Hi Walter,


Thanks for the chat the other day.

I saw an advertisement for LebaIII in a magazine at the vets off, I went online to find out more, and was impressed with the website and the information provided. I have 2 7lb chihuahua's that are 4 years old and were beginning to show signs of tarter on their teeth despite the brushing I was doing, so I decided to purchase LebaIII and try it. I have used it for 6 months now, and am happy to say I do see positive results. I will continue to use the product, and cannot thank Walter enough for the excellent customer service he provided recently. An excellent product well worth the money, and should be tried as an option to expensive dental cleaning. Thank you LebaIII.






French Bulldog


From: laura
Subject: Neo loves leba


This spray really works and my dog actually loves it!!!!!


I work at a veterinary hospital in New York and my vet and I now recommended this to all of our patients because it worked so well on our own pets!!


I have a 4 lb. Biewer Terrier w/MVD (microvascular dysplasia) is this product you make okay for her Leba III Pet Dental Spray? I have brushed her teeth faithfully every night after I brush/floss mine & she has had 3 Epulis tumors removed not to mention her teeth as well. It’s so depressing & expensive...but I have to keep her teeth in great condition especially because of her liver disease. Please let me know if your product is safe for her?

Loretta & Chanel




Sorry to hear about your dog’s health issues.

Pets with liver, kidney & heart problems use Leba III with great success, but individual cases may vary in their response. Leba III is safer than other dental products which may contain chemical components that the pet will ingest since they cannot rinse.

If you have used other antibacterial dental products (toothpaste, etc.) regularly, it will take longer for Leba III to rebuild the good flora and re-establishing the balance in your dog’s mouth. It may look worse as the damage is being repaired. Make sure that you use no other dental products that interfere with Leba III.

Dose: 1 spray per treatment for pets under 50 lbs & 2 sprays per treatment over 50 lbs. Spray in the mouth not on the teeth. The action takes place in the mouth where it will remain in the saliva and on the teeth. See information, attached.

As with any new product, when there is a pre-existing health condition introduce Leba III slowly - once a week, then twice a week and so on until the owner sees that the pet's system can handle it. Eventually, Leba III can be used more frequently, as is recommended for teeth cleaning - twice a day. Pets who build tartar very fast remain on Leba III twice a day for their entire life.

General info:

We recommend not to use Leba III with any other dental product, most of the other dental products (Including pet toothpaste or Prescription Oral Health diets.) have chemicals (antibacterial ingredients) that will destroy the action of Leba III, which is promoting good flora in the mouth. Antibiotics also interfere with Leba III.

For teeth cleaning use Leba III twice a day, every day until the teeth are all clean. Pets who build tartar very fast remain on Leba III twice a day for their entire life. After the initial cleaning, some younger pets may use once a day as maintenance. Customers can decide what their pet needs, depending on age and breed.

Beards can be a problem. If they lick their beards after the treatment, that would nullify the effect of Leba III and they may need extra treatments. Leba III has to be in the mouth to work. We recommend keeping the beard trimmed short for better air flow. The heat from the beard helps bacterial growth in the mouth. Unless they are show dogs, it is better to trim the beard rather than have tartar issues. Customers tell us that Leba III also helps with teary eyes, since it promotes healthy mucus. Products that are used to prevent leaky eyes often contain antibiotic components.

Pets cannot rinse so they do ingest all the ingredients in those products. If other dental products have been used regularly, it will take longer for the Leba III to work because it will need to undo the damage caused by the antibacterial ingredients contained in them.

Brushing is good but not necessary with Leba III. We recommend using only water on the brush or a little baking soda every few weeks as an abrasive.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: Office# 1-519-542-4236.







Thank you so very much for a fabulous product.  



Hi there, 


I just want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for Leba III. For the past 6 years my vet has told me that my Sheltie should have her teeth cleaned. I have never had the procedure done for several reasons, my number one reason being the fear of putting her under for the procedure. Also, it is very expensive to have it done. 


I went to a local pet food store one day and was speaking to the owner and mentioned my dogs teeth to him. He suggested Leba III. He said it’s a little costly, however, with that I said, the cost was probably 15 times less expensive and invasive than the surgery. 


After only a few weeks, Abby’s teeth were white and healthy looking. Her gums look fabulous too! I have told so many people about Leba III and they too are just as amazed by the fabulous results as I am. 


So, in closing, once again, Thank you so very much for your fabulous product. 


Warmest regards, 



Kim & Sheltie






She (her vet) was amazed

Dear Sir or Madam:

I just wanted to send you a quick email to tell you how happy I was with the results from the Leba III spray!!! The vet of my 5 yr old Sheltie, Paco, had insisted that I put him under to have his teeth cleaned and he was running the risk of gingivitis. I really did not want my dog to undergo anesthesia if it wasn't absolutely necessary and I was on the hunt for an alternative method. I found an advertisement for your product in Cesar Millan's magazine and ordered it thru a local pet store. It worked wonderfully! At Paco's next check-up, the vet had to double check his chart because it had been noted how bad his teeth were getting. I told her about your product, which she had never heard of, and she was amazed and said they looked great! I asked the vet to please check out Leba III and offer it to patients!

Thank you so much for coming up with a natural and safe way for clean teeth!!! I've told everyone I know about this fantastic and every effective product!

Melissa Goad (from Pennsylvania)


- Anesthesia, would need to be repeated for the rest of his life

From: LebaLab Inc.


Dear Melissa

We are so glad that you found Leba III in time to save Paco from anesthesia, that would need to be repeated for the rest of his life. That is just what we are trying to do at LebaLab Inc.

Keep him on twice a day until his teeth and gums are perfect. You can try once a day after that, but some pets need to remain on twice a day all their life, especially if they have a tendency towards gum disease. It is important that you do not use other dental products with Leba III, their chemicals will destroy it's beneficial action.

Thank you very much for letting us know of your experience with Leba III. Could we put your email in our Testimonials, see attached? People love to hear from other pet owners.

You are on your way to a long, happy and healthy life with Paco.

Best regards

Walter Duberry
Sales Manager

Office 1-519-542-4236

Order desk, toll free number:



Compare that to the price of dental's well worth it

Subject: Re: Could we put your email in our Testimonials? Re: Thank you!

Sure, absolutely you can put it on your testimonials! I, myself, read as many reviews as I could find on the product before buying! And I would like to add one more thing. The price of the product might be a deterrent at first, but once you compare that to the price of dental cleaning under anesthesia, it's well worth it.

Thank you again!



Blue Belton English Setter

His teeth are clean like they were when he was a puppy


I just had to write and tell you how wonderful your product is, I had tried several things that were suppose to clean my best friend's teeth and breath. None worked

I decied to try this after seeing a advert in a pet magazine in my dentist 's office and tried it . Quincy's teeth were getting in a awful state I am now on my second bottle and his teeth are clean like they were when he was a puppy.

Quincy is a 6 year old Blue Belton English setter just in case you are interested and I have told many people about your product including my vet even he had seen the difference after the first bottle. I will keep on using this product, the nice thing is Quincy does not object to me spraying this in his mouth, as a matter of fact he seems to like it.

I treat his teeth first thing in the morning before we go for his trot and this way he has had nothing to eat or drink first and since we are usually gone on our trot 1/2 a hour this method works fine for me;

Just thought I would let you know .

Yours truly Joan Crook and Quincy



Wheaten Terrier

Started to notice results virtually overnight


Our two year old Wheaten Terrier Skyler was starting to get quite a lot of tarter build up and his breath was starting to get a little stinky. When I was last at the vet they quoted $600+ for dental treatment but we were hesitant to put him through the surgery and anesthesia unless absolutely necessary.

One day our daughter saw your ad in the Dogs In Canada magazine and we then found your product at Ren's in Oakville, Ontario. Although we were a little hesitant to try a new product - the staff at Ren's assured us of its safety and the success in other customers who have tried it.

We actually started to notice results virtually overnight. The stinky breath disappeared and the teeth kept getting whiter and whiter and the plaque stains are now almost completely gone! He has been on it 2x a day for about 6 weeks now - wow just an incredible transformation…we are kicking ourselves that we did not take any "before" pictures because we want to shout it from the roof tops how amazing your product is!!!

I cannot begin to tell you how impressed we are with Leba and the results in our precious Skyler. Thanks so much for developing it.

Quick question - can it be used in humans?

Thanks so very much,




His gums are pink and not imflamed any more


My 5 year old Bichon is a puppy mill dog and has always had very dirty teeth. The quote for
cleaning from the Vet was over $500. One day I was in my local Pet store and the owner
suggested I try your product. Now truthfully, I never believed it would work. But the pet
store owner insisted that I try it. (Thanks Nick at Global Pets)

My dogs' teeth were in very serious condition. Heavy tarter and his gums were very imflamed
and red. The gums looked like they were going to bleed. Due to a crazy schedule, I only
used Leba 3 at night. I was showing his teeth to a friend, so she could see how bad they
were and she said that they look pretty good! Wow, in 6 weeks the tarter just disappeared!
His gums are pink and not imflamed any more. Another benefit is now that his teeth are
better, he is more willing to chew, which helps his teeth stay clean. Before he would never
chew because I believe chewing hurt.

I now tell everyone about your product. Thank you so much.

Nancy Ironside
Toronto, Ontario,




Soooo much easier than brushing!


I have 5 miniature dachshunds and only one has all her teeth. The other 4 have all had many teeth pulled and even though I brush their teeth, the bad breath would return. This product has changed their breath and I see the tarter getting all soft and it is soooo much easier than brushing! It is incredible! I wish I had known how effective LEBA III is a long time ago. I could have saved thousands, but more importantly, my pups would have all their teeth.

I am wondering if this product works for people. Can someone get back to me on this?

Thank you,

Doxie Mom in WV (



Lahsa Apso
The odor is gone!!! in only ONE DAY


I want to thank you for this amazing product that has literally changed the quality of life for my dog. I have a 10 year old Lahsa Apso that suffers from a severe breath condition. It had gotten to the point that it was difficult to be close to her as the odor was disgusting. I would have to put her away when guests came over not because she is a bad dog, but because of the smell. I had tried everything to help it, brushing teeth, changing food, chew toys, water additives, EVERYTHING!!! When a friend recommended your product, I was hesitant to spend the $50, but was desperate.

I could not beleive the differencein only ONE DAY I have been using it for about 2 weeks and my family and I cant believe the odor is gone!!! It has been life changing as we now allow her to sit with us for hours instead of minutes! Thank you so much for making such an easy to use and effective product, I will reccomend it to everyone!

Vincenette San Lorenzo
Grand Iisland, NY




Freshest doggie breath ever!


I just wanted to thank you from myself and my dog, for your amazing
product!! My 2 year old chihuahua, Princess, has struggled with oral
health since I first adopted her. She is the most loving little dog
you could ever meet and just wants to cuddle and lick everyone that
walks through our door! I felt so bad for her because of how terrible
her breath was. Anytime she tried to lick anyone, they all head to
pull her away because of the smell. Even I had a hard time ever
letting her lick me and I love her to bits! Thanks to Leba III, she
now has the freshest doggie breath ever! She has only been on it for
1 week and it literally worked after the first spray. Now she gets in
all the loving and licks in that she deserves!

Thanks a bunch, Christy & Princess




It works!

I have a longcoat chihuahua with a wicked overbite and the worst teeth in the world. I brushed her teeth every day, but she was still having to have them cleaned and scaled almost every year, and the last time she had to have 7 teeth extracted. We were going to a new vet, and he suggested using Leba III. I have to tell you, I've been amazed! Not only is the spray incredibly easy to use, but it works! It's a year later now and I took my dog for her wellness exam today, and the vet said her remaining teeth look great! I only wish I'd known about Leba III before she had to lose all those teeth.

San Antonio, TX





RE: Product from the gods

Good Day:

Thank you for taking the time to read my email, its appreciated. I cannot begin to explain to you how pleased I am with your product! I have a wonderful 9 year old Border Collie named CHASE. CHASE has tartar problems coupled with offensive breath. My partner works for a pet store and this product was recommended to him. We purchased "Leba" and I must admit I was hesitant. It has not only cleaned CHASE's teeth in a matter of 10 days it has also freshened her breath!

She looks forward to it and receives it twice a day. We had just been to the Vet with her and the Vet told us it was time again for dental work. CHASE does not do well with the drugs they use for the procedure and so I am so relieved to know that she and I do not have to go through this trauma anymore! We were told by the Vet that the product would not work. Its great to know that she was wrong! The dental work is $450.00.
I can't begin to tell you how grateful CHASE and I are to you and I will certainly tout your product to all of our dog friends in Toronto !
Once again, CHASE and I thank you for your exemplary product!
Michael C. Roussy B. Dip., C.C.





This kind of 'side effect' is a much appreciated


Just wanted to let you know how impressed and happy I am with your
product. Our two senior dogs have greatly benefited and have much
whiter and cleaner teeth. One of our girls has had an ongoing stomach
problem whereby she will wake up with a very loud squealy stomach and as
a result refuse to eat. I have noticed that since using Leba III she
has had none of the above problems and it seemed to recur only when we
stopped using the product! This kind of 'side effect' is a much
appreciated one to say the least.
Marie Bonner
Barrie Ontario.



The lower front teeth are no longer loose


Attention: Lise Guerin

Lise thank you for your telephone call last week to assure me of Leba's safety. I have posted the information on our Yorkie board and a member will post it to a Dachshund board.

Five year old Booker T has lived with me since April. He had a dental cleaning when I got him. He lost 4 teeth at that time and his 5 lower front teeth were loose. He needed a second cleaning in December and unfortunately he lost two more teeth. After the first cleaning I brushed his teeth every day with Oxygel and used Oxyfresh in his water. These efforts made some difference but not enough to prevent the need for another dental and loss of two more teeth. Anaesthetic is always a risk but with a tiny 5 lb. Yorkie it's frightening.

We've been using Leba since his second dental on December 23 and the most amazing thing has happened. His teeth are still perfect with no brushing but more incredibly, the lower front teeth are no longer loose.

Thank you for this product. I'm sure it will save lives and improve health by preventing liver and heart damage due to poor dental health. If there is anything I can do to help you promote Leba please don't hesitate to let me know.






This stuff really does work! It is amazing!

Dear sirs:

I called earlier this afternoon to express my satisfaction with your product. I purchased it last week and have been using it since Tuesday. One of my dogs (I have five of them) who had fairly bad tarter on Monday has pearly whites today. I wish I had taken "before" photo's to show you but quite honestly I did not expect these results. His before pictures would have looked like the before pictures you have posted on your site. Anyway, I did take a couple of "after" photo's that I have attached so that you can see how well your product has worked.
Also I was so pleased that I have told all of my friends about your product. I participate nationwide in dog activities and have a couple of hundred people friends all over the states, I have sent them an email along with the pictures recommending your product. I would not be surprised if you received several new orders over the next week or so. The email I sent them said:
"Hey all - I just had to share. Last week I bought a Canadian product
called Leba III. It's an herbal product for dogs to help with
tarter. Jack's teeth are spotless but Sean and the girls had quite a
tarter buildup on their back teeth. Especially the girls. Anyway, I
started using it Tuesday. This morning I gave them a bone for about
30-45 minutes while I cleaned the chicken coop. When I came back
inside Sean's teeth are bright white! Even the back ones. The girls
are 50-75% clean. I know the bone did not clean them all by itself
(they didn't have it for very long)- the Leba III is what did it.
Kellee sent me a magazine called Animal Wellness, there I found an
ad for the product.
Their website is they have
before and after pictures you can look at. This stuff really does
work! It is amazing! It comes in a small bottle, you squirt it in
the dogs mouth twice a day. After the teeth are clean you can use it
once or twice a week as a maintenance program. With shipping it
costs $50 a bottle but it is so worth it! Never again will my dogs
need to have their teeth cleaned. I still can't get over Sean - you
almost need sunglasses to look at his teeth - they are so clean and
white they almost blind you!
Kim and The Wonder Pups - with pearly whites!
Jack, Scarlet, Sean and Samantha"
Then I took a couple of pictures and sent this email "Here are a few pictures I took of Sean's teeth a minute ago to show you - I am not exaggerating! I really wish I had taken before photo's - I just didn't expect this result. Anyway, less than one week ago these teeth were brown and covered with tarter...

testimonials2.gif testimonials.gif testimonials1.gif

The website again is:
Kimaree and The Wonder Pups-Jack, Scarlet, Seanie and Samantha"

Anyway, again I am extremely pleased with your product and wish your company well. I still cannot get over the difference it has made in less than one weeks time - it is truly a miracle product! I will continue to recommend Leba III to everyone I know.

You may use any of this email or any of the photo's I've attached on your website if you like. Your product is incredible and I would be happy if my results were included on your customer satisfaction page! I cannot say enough about it - it is truly amazing!

 The dog in my picture is a male Whippet, 3 1/2 years old. His name is Sean. His registered name is Windyglens Diamond Are Forever.

Thanks again,
Kimaree Estes
P. O. Box 1743
Cedar Ridge CA 95924




"thanks" we don't even mind the taste!

So I think about 50 of our yorkie club friends are now using this product! It's been about 4 weeks for us and I am seeing a dramatic difference! Bailey and Jasmine say "thanks" we don't even mind the taste!

Peggy, Jasmine and Bailey



I wanted to share with as many people as I could

I have been using Leba III for about six month now, my doxies teeth are so white, he is a big smiley guy when I come home and his breath seems a lot better also. I put your information in a doggie news letter, that is in Long Beach CA, so hopefully you will receive lots of orders from there, I wanted to share with as many people as I could, it is such a wonderful product. Thank you Heidi & Fritzi





DOG with severe tartar

"Miraculous" results

I am emailing to find out about Leba III. I was told about it by my brother in law,whose dog had severe tartar,and after dental work,they used Leba III with what they term "miraculous" results. I asked my vet,at North Town Veterinary hospital, in Brampton, but they had never heard of it. My brother in law's vet is near Guelph, and the university, which might make a difference.

Thank you Ann Faulkner




I want to share my story with you. Since using LEBA III on our adorable Misca there is such an improvement in her condition (she was supposed to have her teeth cleaned under anesthetic but I was too afraid to take her to have it done). Over the last few years I have nursed and run a hospice at home and subsequently lost seven of my little angels I just wish that we had known about LEBA before! Misca adopted us on the night of the 31st of December 1999 – she is our Millennium Baby! It is our first cat that we have ever owned and I do not know what we would do without her!

We started treatment on the 31st August 2005 and thanks to you and LEBA III, Misca has so much energy now – talks more – and plays with her toys. I get up at four every morning and in the last few mornings I have been woken up with Misca playing with her toys – this is a first – she has never ever done this before since the day we got her! THIS IS A MIRACLE!!! I have photocopies of the pamphlets to give out to all my family and friends and hopefully my step-son will be able to sell it for you in South Africa.

Take good care and God Bless

Thank you for thinking of God's sweet and wonderful creatures!

Sylvia Lasich

Savour Every Moment with your Loved Ones

~ I'm a huge animal lover – a Vegetarian and proud of it! ~


CAT (17 years old)

It is like every part of her has been rejuvenated

Hello Julie,

Once again a very big "THANK YOU" is in order!

We have been using the Leba III dental care spray for just over three
weeks now and what a difference it has made! Polly is 17 and has never
taken any interest in things like chicken wings or anything else that will
clean her teeth with the result that she suffered from plaque and
gingivitis, and consequently she always ate in a half-hearted fashion.


The Leba III came when she was scheduled for a periodontal clean at the
local vets and I was very uncomfortable with the thought of anaesthetic as
Polly has had breathing problem when she has been "under" previously.

Needless to say the appointment has been cancelled.

Let's take the past three weeks one at a time:

Week 1: teeth slightly less discoloured, gingivitis the same. Polly seemed
a little bit more enthusiastic overall.

Week 2: teeth noticeably less discoloured, gingivitis reduced. Much more
enthusiastic in her behaviour - she even ran up the Jacaranda tree,
although only to about waist-high.

Week 3: teeth much cleaner, gingivitis significantly reduced to the point
where there are only a few areas of redness now! She is acting like a new
cat - running around the yard and the house. She even ate some chicken
wings - or to be exact she chewed the meat from the bone with one paw
holding it down! She has never done that before!

In summary - a MUCH happier cat! She is running around like a much younger
cat, up and down the stairs (we live in a highset) and around the yard
which must mean that she is feeling much much better. It is like every
part of her has been rejuvenated, she seems to be getting younger.

Her sense of smell has returned too - she is sniffing everything!
Previously she rarely ever sniffed at anything. And EAT! Now she routinely
demands two or three shots at breakfast and the odd snack or three during
the day. As a result she is no longer the frail little old lady but is in
much better condition overall - still slender and with a wonderfully shiny
coat! She is also much more alert and much more affectionate, lots of
purring. (She had been mistreated before she came to live with us and was
extremely distrustful overall, so this is a big change too.)

The Leba III has been like magic wand - thank you so much for finding it!

In our opinion there are other contributing factors (although the Leba III
has been a significant contributor) - one is diet: both cats have had your
suggested all-organic diet and herbal URI drops for the past two years
with excellent results. The other is that they have not had any Feline
Enteritis shots for over two years and consequently show no signs of
arthritis, which seems to be a "feature" of having regular FE shots (in
fact our old cat died of a stroke shortly after getting an FE shot some
years ago). Research indicates that FE shots should be avoided for older
cats and given no more than once every five years for younger animals.

Julie, in our opinion ALL cats and all humans need a consultation with
you! Thank you so much, you have made us all very happy!